April 2011

06 Apr

Tristan and Iseult - Week Late

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Tristan and IseultTristan and Iseult

So, people have probably noticed that Tristan and Iseult hasn't been released yet - basically, it's quite literally 99.5% done, playable from end to end, but a couple of things are holding it back.

10 Apr

Tristan and Iseult - Initial Release

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An initial release of Tristan and Iseult is available - go to the game page to download.

13 Apr

Tristan and Iseult v1.2

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So, predictably a bug or two have cropped up in T&I. Rather unpredictably, the big one actually got into the game as a direct consequence of the music-playing code being added to that section at the last minute, so we didn't notice it in testing 'cause we thought that since just the music code had been added, making sure the music played properly would probably be enough testing. Oops!

23 Apr

Tristan and Iseult - new features coming soon...

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Tristan and Iseult has been out for a couple of weeks now, lots of people have downloaded it and a fair number of those have given some useful feedback to improve the game - thanks to everyone who's pointed out bits they didn't like and especially those who've suggested ways to get around those problems. One common request was for some change to speed up the battles - some people don't want to wait to watch their little blokes tramping across the countryside, they want to get stuck into the tactical gameplay stabbing and slaughtering part of the game - so I've added a raft of features to help out in that regard. Some of these I'd been thinking about before release and just didn't have time to add, and others I hadn't thought of at all until someone suggested them.

25 Apr

Vote 'YES' to the Alternative Vote

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Vote YES

I spent half an hour this afternoon pretending I was a graphic designer... I don't like any of the 'official' Yes-to-AV posters, so I made some of my own. Here, print them out and put them in your front windows:

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