July 2011

17 Jul


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I recently invested in a Decktet, which is an interesting alternative deck of cards. It has 36 cards in the default deck, in six suits of ten cards each - which is accomplished by way of the regular rank cards having two suits each. As can be seen in the above image, each card also has a name and an illustration in a similar manner to a tarot deck; there is in fact an interpretation guide on the website for people so inclined. Additionally, each card (apart from the aces [ones] and crowns [often but not always tens]) is categorised as either a 'personality', 'location' or 'event' (or sometimes more than one). There's an extended Decktet, which includes pawns and courts (each with three suits) and a single wildcard, the illustration for which contains elements from each of the six suits.

20 Jul

New Toy

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Drafting TableDrafting Table

Recently, I acquired a pretty cool new toy - a drafting table nearly a metre wide, with an illuminated centre section, parallel motion ruler and perspective peg slots all around the sides. It was actually cheaper than my previous drawing board - one of those awful plastic-sheet-with-metal-clips things - since it was a fortunate eBay find from a seller just up the road from me which nobody else bid on at all. I felt a bit guilty taking the thing in the end, the charming old guy I picked it up from - an ex-illustrator, apparently - insisted on bringing me in to demonstrate how best to use it, and seemed a bit wistful when he explained that he's having to get rid of half the things in his studio as him and his wife were moving into a small bungalow for their retirement...

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