August 2011

13 Aug

Dungeon in a Tin - Six Months Later

in boardgames

A little over six months ago, I created a little solo/co-op board game - Dungeon in a Tin - for a contest over at I've played around with board and card game rules a number of times in the past, sometimes keeping them to myself and sometimes showing them to friends and family, but this is the first time I've ever actually released a full package into the wild for any old random person to play with.

Naturally, after I released it and it got a page on BGG, I subscribed to the page so I could get notified whenever people posted stuff related to the game. I'd done a fair amount of play-testing, but I was expecting a load of "this is too hard/easy/boring" comments and maybe some questions. And there were those, but there were also a load of pictures uploaded. And I have to say, there's something particularly cool about seeing other people's interpretations, customisations and additions to something you've made like this.

14 Aug

Battle Engine Update

in programming, videogames, VNs

I recently wrote an update on the status of the Ren'Py RPG Battle Engine I've been working on for a while; you can find it here:

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