Engage the Nazi occupation of France in la petite guerre to throw off the yoke of the oppressors and free your homeland!

Maquis is a solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals and a play time of approximately twenty minutes. The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals - blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers - but at the same time Milice collaborators and Wehrmacht soldiers patrol the area. Agents who can't make it back to the safe house at the end of the day are arrested, and never seen again.

Conquest of the Skies

Conquest of the Skies - Game in ProgressConquest of the Skies - Game in Progress

In an alternate history on the brink of global war, the rare telonite ore has been identified as the key to the revolutionary superweapon that could end hostilities before they begin. Unfortunately this ore only exists in meaningful quantities in a small, blighted archipelago in a remote area. Your superiors cannot spare many men or resources - it would be strategic suicide to move important units from their existing positions - but you've been given the vital task of securing enough telonite to ensure the victory of your nation. Unfortunately, the other world superpowers have sent task forces of their own...

Dungeon in a Tin

Dungeon in a Tin - Game in ProgressDungeon in a Tin - Game in Progress

Dungeon in a Tin is a solo or cooperative dungeon-hack. Players descend into a dungeon randomly laid-out from a stack of tiles, fighting through the orc and goblin hordes to rescue the kidnapped maiden and collect treasure and glory.

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