Wargames Scenery

Creating a Desert Floor for Wargaming

Every wargames table needs scenery, right? I primarily play Heavy Gear, and the world of Heavy Gear - or at least, the bit where people fight - is primarily desert, so for my new wargames table I set about creating a desert texture for the floor.

Constructing Styrene Buildings from Papercraft Templates

Odds are every wargamer has at least seen a papercraft building of some sort, from the Games Workshop card-and-plastic-bulkheads scenery packed in with Necromunda through the simple uncoloured folded-paper walls hastily constructed before a game to fold-and glue stuff like Paul Lesack's Heavy Gear Buildings.

The upsides of papercraft are obvious - they're cheap, easy to construct, lightweight and pre-decorated. It's scenery for everyone! The downsides, unfortunately, are just as obvious - they don't have much in the way of depth. Even high-class papercraft like Mr. Lesack's can only have drawn-on detail, less than a couple of millimetres between folds and they become impossible to construct out of normal paper. Those of us who long for more detail may consider recreating the pattern in styrene.

Flatpack Fortress

When I was young I had an impressive collection of wargames scenery, including several hills, bunkers, buildings, woods and a huge shrine with a 25cm-diameter magic circle, 10cm pillars all mounted on a big hill... and my collection of scenery took up half the storage space I had.

Then Games Workshop released Necromunda, which came with some innovative scenery. The setting of the game was cramped and claustrophobic, so the typical card ruins found in contemporary games would be rather pathetic; instead the game came with a set of plastic bulkheads, with card-width slots around three edges on both sides. The bulkheads themselves link together in neat stacks, and a variety of neatly-shaped card building pieces affixed to them in different ways to create a multi-leveled and relatively dense game. The best bit was how this dense battlefield was constructed entirely from flat bits of card and plastic bulkheads - I have all my Necromunda scenery in an A4 box 8cm or so deep, but it folds out and fits together to cover a square metre or so of gaming table.

It's a nice ideal... and the bulkheads are just asking for more designs, so I came to create another set of cardboard pieces to make another flatpack item - this time a fortress.

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