Tristan and Iseult v1.2

13 Apr in nano, programming, videogames, VNs

So, predictably a bug or two have cropped up in T&I. Rather unpredictably, the big one actually got into the game as a direct consequence of the music-playing code being added to that section at the last minute, so we didn't notice it in testing 'cause we thought that since just the music code had been added, making sure the music played properly would probably be enough testing. Oops!

Anyway, the first bug occurs at the end of the third battle in part 2, where the whole game crashes and dies - so if you're not there yet, there's never been a better time to save in a non-battle section, re-download the game from the now-updated links on the game page, overwrite your existing install of the game and re-load your save.

I've added a page on patches, so if you want to upgrade your copy of the game to the latest version to avoid bugs - or check again later for any further updates - go there.

Aside from allowing you to continue past the end of part 2, the patch also does the following things:

  • Makes the battle 'Turnpike' a little easier, because it wasn't particularly well-balanced before
  • Disables the right-click, on the grounds that it opens up a Ren'Py bug to easy access - you'll need to hit the Escape key to bring up the game menu.


Well congratulations for a really cool game.
I really didn't expect such a long story and so many battles. I was surprised and thus entertained by the plot, and by the battles. They were quite diverse and challenging, up until the last one. I look forward to seeing what the both of you will come up with next time.

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