Tristan and Iseult v1.4 - New Features

28 May in nano, videogames, VNs

The latest version of Tristan and Iseult - 1.4 - is now available from the downloads page. As previously mentioned, this release contains the following new features:

  • Preferences options have been added to turn on and off the animation sequences for movement, for combat and for incidental stuff like the speech bubbles
  • A new 'End Turn' action option to make the difference between "Wait when you haven't moved and just want to delay a bit" and "Wait when you've moved and want to end your turn" more obvious - and allow a unit which is literally just sitting around waiting for a long time to actually delay a whole turn's worth of time without having to pointlessly move first.
  • The game will automatically select your action if it's the only thing you can possibly do - so if you've moved a unit the extent of its move allowance and aren't within attack range of anything, the game will end that unit's turn without forcing you to click 'End Turn' to do so.
  • You can optionally hide all the unavailable actions from the menu, so it only ever presents you a list of things you can do right now.
  • Keyboard hotkeys for all the actions have been added, so you don't have to specifically select the more-common ones like 'wait', you can just hit 'w' instead; the hotkeys are all the first letter of the relevant command.

Unless any more bugs come up, this will be the final release of Tristan and Iseult.

Most of these features are maintained in the latest version of the Battle Engine code as well, but there are other things I want to do with that before I can make another release, and things are busy at work recently so I'm not getting a great deal of time to work on it. It's coming along well, though, with area-scenery, experience and pathfinding as the headline features. I've also got a couple of long-standing bugs fixed - animations now play multiple times, even on successive showings (thanks to PyTom for his help on that one) and fighters moving while the screen is panning now don't jump around all over the place (this one is actually a workaround; the underlying Ren'Py bug still exists, but it's working in the battle engine at least).


Cool, going to try this version, curious to see how it plays.

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