NaNo13: Chronicle of Mars

02 Mar in com, nano, programming, videogames, VNs

Chronicle of MarsChronicle of Mars

March means - yet again - game-in-a-month time, when NaNoRenO* rears its ugly, malformed, half-finished head and demands that I actually do something with this battle engine thing I've been working on and off on for years.

Well, how can one turn down such a challenge? I last took part two years ago with Tristan and Iseult, which was satisfying to finish but not everything I'd wanted it to be. My plan this year is an isometric tactical RPG, with proper levelling and equipping and all that, and then hopefully also an actual branching storyline... It'll be short compared to epics of the genre like Tactics Ogre, of course, since I have to begin and end in a Month. I'll also be chea- uh, adjusting the parameters of engagement a bit by declaring March to end after the Easter holidays are over, since March in the UK contains Mother's Day, which I would be remiss to spend coding videogames and not visiting my mother.

Here's a bit of mecha concept art to start with, and a video of my progress-so-far over the course of the last day or so:

CoM Starter DesignCoM Starter Design

* I'm sure that actually stands for something. Something like "interNational visual Novel wRiting and then maybe enjoying Organised activity month" or something? I don't know. It's probably one of those American things.


Looks pretty awesome. really love the mars setting and the mecha. Can't wait to see what you come up with this time. Are you teaming up with Ren again ?

Hopefully, yes - if she has time to do me some character art!

Send me a mail if I can help out with anything, I'd be glad to.

If you're willing to do some balance playtesting, I may well take you up on that offer! ;-)

Absolutely ! I'd love that.

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