Chronicle of Mars Update

12 Mar in com, nano, programming, videogames, VNs

I've been busy doing completely invisible things like storyboarding and playing around with balancing the battles, so there's not a huge amount to show for progress.

I have, however, extended the battle engine a bit; naturally I'll add as many of these features as reasonable into the core engine after I'm done. The most significant additions are demonstrated in the below video:

Firstly vehicles, which are set up a little bit like fighters who can't act for themselves; they need a fighter to enter them as a driver who takes control. Obviously I'm using this for mecha in this game, but the functionality could equally be used for cars or horses or whatever.

Secondly, a new skill: Sentry. The player specifies a point on the battlefield within line of sight, and the next time an enemy fighter moves within a few squares of that point, the player's fighter - even though his turn has finished - will make a ranged attack against the enemy. This caused a couple of headaches, since prior to this there was no way for a fighter to get killed in the middle of his turn!

I've been looking at the storyboard, which currently has about eighty nodes in Twine, and thinking I'll be hard-pressed to get this all done by the end of March. It may well be that the main route with no branches is all that gets done for the NaNo deadline, and all the choices get added in later.


Great looking footage, I hope you keep going with it. I'll be very excited to see what you come up with!

Oh, I'm definitely keeping going with it; I expect to be uploading an initial act-1-of-3 release in a couple of days. You can play spot-the-Heavy-Gear-influence. ;-)

The getting into a mecha option is impressive. I don't know how difficult that was to implement but it rocks ! I don't think I've ever seen that in a T-RPG ( I haven't played all of them but quite a handful still ). The possibilities this option opens, wow.

Glad you like it! ;-)

The problem at the moment is persuading the AI fighters that they want to... and having them do a reasonable job of evaluating which vehicles are worth getting into or not!

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