Conquest of the Skies

Conquest of the Skies - Game in ProgressConquest of the Skies - Game in Progress

In an alternate history on the brink of global war, the rare telonite ore has been identified as the key to the revolutionary superweapon that could end hostilities before they begin. Unfortunately this ore only exists in meaningful quantities in a small, blighted archipelago in a remote area. Your superiors cannot spare many men or resources - it would be strategic suicide to move important units from their existing positions - but you've been given the vital task of securing enough telonite to ensure the victory of your nation. Unfortunately, the other world superpowers have sent task forces of their own...

Conquest of the Skies is a light 4X in which 2-3 players compete to gather sufficient quantities of ore before anyone else. Players will explore the abandoned archipelago, research and develop new technologies, manoeuvre airships and giant warships into combat, harvest the meagre supplies of food to keep their people alive and try to be the first to obtain enough telonite ore, by fair means or foul.

Play proceeds via an action point allowance, with each of a player's settlements granting a number of action points which can be used for harvesting resources, researching technologies and acting with units; however, food is almost as scarce as ore, and players must be sure to harvest enough to feed each settlement every turn.

I created Conquest as an entry into the 'Art and Game' contest on BoardGameGeek, in which it placed first for the 'game' half. 'Art and Game' was a two-part contest in which participants in the first half created artwork for nonexistent games, and in the second half created games from other people's artwork. Accordingly, nearly all the artwork in Conquest is the work of Ilya Baranovsky. You can see all the entries to both parts of the contest and the full results in this thread.

Game Components

Download CotS Rules: 300K ZipDownload CotS Rules: 300K Zip

Download CotS Components (Full-Colour): 5.8MB PDFDownload CotS Components (Full-Colour): 5.8MB PDF

Download CotS Components (Low-Ink): 5.5MB PDFDownload CotS Components (Low-Ink): 5.5MB PDF

Conquest of the Skies - Game OverviewConquest of the Skies - Game Overview

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