Dungeon in a Tin

Dungeon in a Tin - Game in ProgressDungeon in a Tin - Game in Progress

Dungeon in a Tin is a solo or cooperative dungeon-hack. Players descend into a dungeon randomly laid-out from a stack of tiles, fighting through the orc and goblin hordes to rescue the kidnapped maiden and collect treasure and glory.

Each player takes turns to move through the dungeon one tile at a time, laying new tiles as unexplored areas are entered; every time a player enters a room, special monster dice are rolled to determine the enemies faced and the potential loot to be found. When a monster attacks, a dice is rolled to determine the style of their attack; the player then chooses a card from his hand to counter with, each card being strong against some kinds of attack and weak against others.

The ultimate goal of the game is for the players to fight their way to the bottom of the dungeon to rescue the captured maiden - and then fight their way out with her. The dungeon will become harder to fight through as the player delves deeper, and then harder still on the way out with a helpless rescuee in tow.

I created Dungeon in a Tin as an entry into the 'One Full-sheet Label' design contest on BoardGameGeek, and as such the printed components fit entirely on a single sheet; the intention is that you can print the file onto a full-sheet label, and then stick parts of it to card and other parts of it to die faces to make the game - you know you're only ever going to have to print a single sheet and make one sheet's worth of cuts, meaning you can be up and playing pretty quickly.

Dungeon in a Tin placed third in that contest, and also won two side-prizes - best co-operative game (although to be fair, also only co-operative game!) and best solo game - from users peakhope and teufen respectively. You can also view all the entries into the contest on the BGG site.

Game Components

Print out one of the following files onto a label sheet; files are provided for both A4 and US Letter paper, in both full-colour and ink-saving line art versions.

Download DiaT A4 Colour: 9MB PDFDownload DiaT A4 Colour: 9MB PDF
Download DiaT A4 Lineart: 2MB PDFDownload DiaT A4 Lineart: 2MB PDF
Download DiaT US Letter Colour: 9MB PDFDownload DiaT US Letter Colour: 9MB PDF
Download DiaT US Letter Lineart: 2MB PDFDownload DiaT US Letter Lineart: 2MB PDF

Game Rules

Print out one of the following

Download DiaT A4 Rules: 78k PDFDownload DiaT A4 Rules: 78k PDF

Download DiaT US Letter Rules: 79k PDFDownload DiaT US Letter Rules: 79k PDF

Other than the label sheet, a small number of other tokens and blank dice will also be required, see the rules sheet for details. As the name hints, once constructed on cardstock it is possible to fit the game inside an Altoids tin or similar:

Unpack AnimationUnpack Animation

Creative Commons License

Dungeon in a Tin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

You can also find Dungeon in a Tin on BoardGameGeek, where there are game-specific discussion forums and other images.

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